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The survey below will ask you to provide your first name (or an alias) and to identify the place where you were sexually assaulted. This information will be used to place a marker on a collective map of sexual assaults, committed against members of the Dawson community.

If you choose to “share more”, another group of questions will appear. These questions may be upsetting. You do not have to answer them if you do not want to.

Your experience matters.

Please help us break the silence around sexual assault at Dawson College.

A definition of sexual assault is complex because assault can come in many forms, and be confusing for those who have survived it. The definition below is used in official documents of the Quebec Government and offers insight into the nature of sexual assault, but it is only survivors who can truly define it through what they have experienced:

Sexual assault is an act of a sexual nature, with or without physical contact, committed by an individual without the consent of the target person, or in certain cases, notably in those of children, involving affective manipulation or blackmail. It is an act aiming at subjecting somebody else to one’s own impulses by abuse of power, use of force or constraint, or by implicit or explicit threat. Sexual assault violates fundamental rights, in particular a person’s right to physical and psychological integrity and safety.
Government Action Plan Concerning Sexual Assault (Quebec, 2008, p. 9)

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