In the middle of nowhere

Age at Assault:
Form of Assault:
Unwanted penetration (rape)
Single incident
Relationship to Attacker:
Family Member

Parents were divorced and the father lived over-seas. And yet that did not stop the incident. Already known for being mentally unstable, the father was left with the young child, as the law stated he had his 'rights' to see the child. The child herself never liked the father. Not much is known, or remembered, about the incident besides the facts that; it occurred in the father's hotel room, the child's perineum had a tear in it and the child managed to somehow stop the incident midway. A court case ensued shortly, but lack of evidence and the child staying mute during said time resulted in the father being asked to head back to his home country and avoid contact with the child for a year, but his punishment stopped there. Despite this the child was still required to visit the father each summer in the following years. Luckily for her, it seems the father knew better than to ever attempt another assault. However, the child's constant fear of the father's unstable emotions did just as much damage , if not more. At the age of 15 the child was no longer obliged to visit the father each year. That same year she cut off all contact with him. The father still tries to contact her, despite continuously failing to get a response. After successful counselling using Eye Movement Integration (EMI) therapy, the child has detached any unwanted, intense emotions involving the event, which is why she can write about it so temperately.