Age at Assault:
Form of Assault:
Unwanted penetration (rape)
Multiple incidents over a brief period
Relationship to Attacker:
At a 'friend's' house in Dorval

I lost my home to a fire and was seeking a place to stay. A guy I had recently met offered me to stay, eat an shower at his place in Dorval- an hour away from where my home was. He continuously tried to make sexual approaches towards me. I knew he would expect something 'in return' of his hospitality so I made out with him. When he was trying to put his hands in my underwear I lied and said I was on my period in hopes that would make him not want to penetrate me. later that night I awoke to him penetrating me from behind as I was laying in a bed. I told him to stop but he asked where else I would go.... I laid there motionless as he penetrated me. Even though I was disgusted and felt violated it was 4am and I felt trapped. A week later he showed up at my work and told me he gave me chlamydia and so I would have to sleep with him because no one else would want to. Two weeks of this and I got the courage to go to Head and Hands in NDG where I was given medication for my STD and spoke to a lawyer. I decided not to press charges but both the lawyer and social worker at Head and Hands helped me get back on track and it has now been a year an a half since I spoken or heard from the guy who assaulted me.