How I Changed My Perspective on Sexual Assault


When I was younger, the idea of sexual assault never really sunk in until someone very close had been affected by it. The term was present in the back of my mind, but I never really considered thinking “Wow, this is a very real, serious thing that people should think more about”. My close friend was in a vulnerable state when it had happened: she was in a bad relationship but didn’t see what was wrong. She was quite passive about it. The use of drugs and manipulation were involved. My friend ended up losing control over herself and was being controlled by this drug dealer-boyfriend-manipulator. At that time, she didn’t speak of it at all. For starters, the fact that she was in a relationship was never mentioned. I guess part of her knew it was bad, that she felt ashamed; but another part took over and told her “No, it’s good,” and maybe “They just don’t need to know”.

What I’m trying to say is that communication is key and that we should consider helping a person in need instead of immediately shaming them. Nowadays, someone might say “I can’t believe you let x and y happen to you” and some do. But I think it would really make a change if we considered saying: “There’s nothing to be ashamed about. You are strong, you made it through, and you are going to heal and become a better person. And maybe, in the future, you can help somebody else regain their strength.”

Thank you.