My Mother Didn't Believe Me


When I was about 12 years old, my mother, my sister and I moved in with my mother’s boyfriend at the time. Since we were now family, we often went to his parents’ house for dinner. About 6 months after we met his parents and attended many family dinners, my mother’s boyfriend’s father started to greet me very weirdly. I felt that he was becoming much touchier and that he was holding me much closer when he hugged me. He also started asking me to sit on his lap more often. The thing that made me the most uncomfortable was the pleased look on his face and the fact that he always had his eyes fixated on me. I chose to ignore these things for a little while, thinking it was nothing I should worry about.

A few months later, he started to lower his hands towards my butt when he greeted me and it began making me very uncomfortable. He would also ask me to sit on his lap more often and he would rub my back and my arms in a very personal way. At this point, I decided to tell my mom because I no longer felt comfortable stepping into their home. My mother never believed me and claimed he was “just an old man.” Seeing as I was quite young, I didn’t see another choice than to go anyway.

One day, he took it another step further and touched my breast, claiming it was an accident. I tried to explain this to my mother who still didn’t believe me. This went on for a couple more months until one day I made the decision never to step foot in their house again and often ate dinner at home alone. I never wanted to feel that extreme discomfort again. Eventually, my mother and this man broke up and luckily, I never had to face his parents again.