Somewhere Near Guy-Concordia Metro


I went out that night with a friend and we drank a lot. We we’re both pretty wasted. Some guys who were as much regulars at the bar as we were started drinking with us and we ended up going to their place since my friend was interested in one of the guys. I remember thinking that I had to follow her and watch out for her.

The rest of the night goes by in flashes. I remember trying to push away his hands a couple of times. I remember being penetrated and how it hurt. I remember getting dressed afterwards and desperately trying to find my scarf. I went downstairs, got out and climbed in a cab.

What I remember the most clearly is the moment I got into the cab. A friend of mine called me and yelled at me because I was supposed to meet her at my place so she could sleep over and she was mad that I didn’t show up. I don’t think I even said one word. I just sat there completely immobile and stone cold. I knew what had happened was bad, but I thought it was my fault, and I didn’t say one word about it. I tried calling my friend who had been with me earlier and I whispered, really pulling the words out of myself, “why had she left me there?” I can’t recall any answer and neither of us have talked about that phone call since.